3 Creative Historical Wedding Theme Ideas

Now that you have the date set, it’s time to think about what sort of wedding and reception would make your special day even better. Many couples have definite ideas about what they don’t want but are open to other themes for the ceremony and the reception. If you happen to fall into the latter category, consider drawing on history as a way to come up with the perfect theme. Here are three ideas to help the inspiration start to flow.

Going With a Victorian Wedding and Reception

Whether you are planning an intimate affair in the back garden or an event with a thousand in attendance, choosing to draw on the elements of the Victorian era is a wonderful choice. Formal attire is the order of the day, with flowing skirts and black ties all around.

For the color scheme, consider a foundation of ivory and and range of gentle gold shades. Accent those with pastels. Peach was an especially popular hue for weddings during the Victoria era. Depending on the time of year, you may find gentle pinks and yellows will blend in nicely with any greenery you include in the decorations.

The Windsor wedding catering can draw on traditional Victorian fare like roasted mutton and vegetables in season. Use fine china and lots of lace for the linens. If you choose to hold the sit-down reception outdoors, remember to use tall centerpieces on the tables and decorative umbrellas that continue the color scheme used for the ceremony.

It’s a Mod Mod Wedding and Reception

Perhaps something a little closer to today would be in order. Few things are quite as fun as planning a Sixties style wedding. You can draw on the bright colors and designs that came out of the Carnaby Street era. Do you like the idea of wearing a minidress for the ceremony? That would fit right in with this theme.

To go along with bride’s minidress, the groom can be outfitted with a Nehru jacket. Love beads can be passed out to each guest as party favors. The reception can be buffet style and include a few desserts and other dishes that were especially popular during the era.

Returning to the Roaring Twenties

If you choose to draw on the Roaring Twenties for the wedding and reception theme, there’s all sorts of fun elements to include. 20s style NYC Wedding Gowns, flapper dresses, dapper tuxedos for the men, and oversized everything will rule the day. The flower arrangements should be big and bold, the colors can be in black, white, and gold, and the band can play all sorts of wonderful dance music.

The wedding catering in Windsor must have the largest champagne fountain that can be found. You can go with a sit-down meal with plenty of room for a dance floor or set everything up as a buffet. The food options should be simple, fun, and plentiful.

These are only a few of the ideas you could use for your wedding and reception theme. Talk with a planner and a caterer about some of the other approaches that may appeal to you and your intended. Once the plans are made, watch as those professionals create a day you will remember fondly for years to come.