What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Having Lunch/Dinner Catered to Your Office?

How do your employees manage things when it’s time for a lunch or dinner break? According to a 2012 survey conducted by Ipsos Reid at the behest of Tim Hortons, around 40% of Canadian employees decide to leave the premises and eat out. While many people work within easy walking distance of more than one eatery, others must drive for several minutes before reaching the nearest restaurant or fast food place. That begs the question: would catering the lunch or dinner meal be a good thing? Are there any disadvantages connected with the idea? Here are some points to ponder before arranging for corporate lunch catering.

Reasons to Consider Catering

Convenience is one of the primary reasons to make arrangements for catering a meal for your day or evening staff. There is no need to prepare something at home and lug it to the office. You also eliminate the need for employees to hurry through a meal at a local restaurant so they can get back to work on time. Instead, everything is conveniently set up in a break room or kitchen and employees only have to journey a few steps to reach the food.

Helping employees save money is another benefit that they will enjoy. The average quick meal at lunch is likely to set each employee back by around $10.00. While that doesn’t seem so bad for a single day, think of what it means over the course of a year. The total spent on lunches per year by each employee could add up $2,600.00 or more. Not having to pay for the meal will certainly free up more of their income for other things.

Productivity is another advantage that you and your employees will enjoy. Everyone can enjoy a more leisurely lunch, have the chance to chat a little with fellow employees, and still get back to their desks in a timely manner. The fact that everyone is in such a positive frame of mind makes it easier to return to whatever project was in progress before breaking for lunch.

Potential Drawbacks to Consider

There are a few potential drawbacks that you need to consider before calling any of the catering companies in Toronto. Some of them can be resolved by discussing the meal planning with the catering professionals. Others may require a word with your employees.

It’s easier to get into a rut with the food served each day. At first, having a set menu for each day of the week will be nice. There is some variety and employees may look forward to lunch on certain days because they happen to like the entree or sides served. On the other hand, a repetitive approach to catering can get boring and your employees may begin to lose interest.

Special dietary needs are also a point to consider. Employees with certain health issues or personal convictions may find it more difficult to find anything on hand that fits into their diets. This can lead to them feeling left out and on some level feeling as if they are not quite on the same level as everyone else. Going over different lunch catering menu ideas with the caterer can prevent this from happening.

Only you can decide if lunch and dinner catering is right for your employees. Call today and arrange to meet with a catering professional. Find out what it would take to arrange for meals that are delicious, varied, and perfect for your corporate culture. After trying the idea for a month, you may find that the benefits far outweigh any inconveniences.