All the Wedding Trends You Can’t Afford to Forget

Trends for ceremonies and receptions today range from the traditional to the spectacular. When planning your event, it pays to work with a caterer who is up to date on some of the latest trends and what they could mean for your big day. The right approach allows you to understand the average price of catering for different approaches and identify the one that is best for the budget and the mood you want to create. Here are some examples of current trends that you don’t want to overlook during your planning.

Your Wedding Colours and the Desserts

There was a time when the connection between the wedding colours and the reception focused mainly on the choice of decorations. These days, integrating some of those colours into the food is a popular idea. Keep in mind this does not mean using food colouring to transform entrees and side dishes into something unusual. A better approach is to choose dessert options in your wedding catering menus ideas that provide the necessary connection.

Along with the wedding and groom’s cakes, make sure the dessert platter or bar picks up on the wedding colours in some way. For example, simple lemon squares dusted with confectioner’s sugar is a wonderful way to capture the yellow and white motif that the bride chose for the ceremony. When jewel tones were used for the ceremony, consider going with pastries that include icing in those same colours.

Chef Cooking and Your Reception

While a buffet is always a nice option, consider the idea of having some foods that are prepared and served by a chef on the spot. For example, have you thought about a fondue cart? The chef can be on hand to prepare plates for the guests and include a nice range of fruits, cheeses, and breads for them to consider. Include two or three different types of fondues in the cart and everyone will have the chance to enjoy something a little out of the ordinary.

Consider a Family Style Reception

Another popular trend provides the opportunity to do something more formal than a buffet but not quite as formal as a dinner served by a wait staff. That solution is a sit-down dinner that is served family style. With this approach, every guest has a place at the table. All the food is placed on the table just before the reception starts. Guests pass dishes around the table and help themselves.

You will still have staff on hand to retrieve serving dishes as they are emptied and replenish them. What this approach does accomplish is creating a relaxed atmosphere while still ensuring everyone has the chance to socialize with those sitting on either side and across the table.

There are a number of other emerging trends that the best caterers in Toronto can discuss with you. Listen closely to the suggestions and discuss how they would work for you. In no time at all, you will come up with a plan for the catering that your guests will love and that happens to fit in your budget.