Beautiful Cocktail Party Sets

Hosting a cocktail party is one of the best ways to bring people together in a relaxed setting and provide the chance to get away from the pressures of the week. As the host, it pays to invest in cocktail party sets to ensure all the essentials match and provide a sense of unity to the event. Here are some of the elements that need to be included in those party sets.

Essentials at the Bar

Spirits and mixers aren’t the only things needed at the bar. Having the right glasses for various drinks is a must. Who wants to drink a martini out of a highball glass?

Take the time to find a set of matching glasses that will work for everything from enjoying a snifter of brandy to the driest martini known to humanity. Consider investing in something that will easily translate from one season to the next, like crystal with a gold rim.

Before those drinks find their way into glasses, there’s also the need to have the resources needed for the mixing. Shakers and the right tools for mixing must be part of the bar setup. It’s possible to find sets that will match or at least blend in nicely with the glasses.

Serving Trays

It isn’t a cocktail party unless food is also served. While no one expects a full course meal at this type of party, they do anticipate having something to enjoy along with their drinks. Choose to purchase a set of trays that make it easy to arrange cheese cubes, sliced vegetables, and finger sandwiches into an appealing design. Whether the trays are placed on a sideboard for the guests to help themselves or served by staff circulating through the room, matching trays add a nice touch.

Don’t Forget the Plates

Small plates are ideal if the plan is to allow the guests to serve themselves. Keep the design simple and they can be used any time of the year. If crystal is used for the glasses, go the same route with the plates.

Remember that cocktail party sets are not just great for keeping on hand. They also make wonderful hostess gifts for people who have just moved into new homes. Once the set is in hand, putting together a party on the spur of the moment will be easy.