Best Cocktail Party Finger Food

To make your cocktail party successful, you’ll need more than just a few mixed drinks and a lighthearted atmosphere. You’ll also need the right finger food, which is where Parts & Labour Catering comes in. As a leading catering firm in the Greater Toronto Area, we can help you come up with a menu that will “wow” your guests by being both delicious and fun.

Top Choices from our Experienced Chef

The ideal food for a cocktail party should be small enough to hold in your fingertips and consume in only a few bites. We have several menu options that will fit that bill nicely, including:

We recognize that each cocktail party is unique, which is why we will also allow you to mix and match items from our various menus to come up with the perfect choices. Our event planning team will be glad to assist you with developing a menu that suits your occasion perfectly.

Vegetarian Choices

Finding choices for the vegetarians and/or diet-conscious people on your guest list can sometimes be a challenge. That’s not the case when you partner with us, as we are highly experienced at developing vegetarian and special needs menus especially for cocktail receptions. Your guests are bound to enjoy the items on our vegetarian menu, all of which are made using only the freshest produce. You can also take comfort in knowing you are helping local farmers, because we use locally-grown sources whenever possible.

When it comes to finding the best cocktail party food, you are only limited by your imagination. Contact us for help with planning your party so that we can take your great ideas and our creative talents in order to make your event the best it can possibly be.