Best Holiday Menu Ideas

If you’re hosting a holiday get-together for friends or family, chances are that you want a fair amount of food to form part of the equation. Here are some traditional and not-so-traditional ideas that will have everyone going back to the serving table for ‘one more helping.’

#1 – Starter Ideas

There should be a fair assortment of these to help get everyone’s appetites going and ideas here can include Swedish meatballs, cheese and spinach tartlets, ham and cheese croquettes, toasted ravioli, shrimp scampi and dip, savory crackers and an assortment of creamy dips, deep fried cheese puffs, crostini with savory toppings, mini quiches and cheese straws with red pepper.

#2 – Main Courses

While many holiday meals are somewhat formal, there are times when a casual meal will be just as appreciated. Along with traditional roasts such as ham, lamb, beef, chicken or turkey, consider the option of a buffet meal or even an outdoor BBQ if weather permits. The best part about a BBQ meal is that most meats can be prepared this way and a few veggies can even be roasted along with them.

#3 – Desserts

There are numerous options when it comes to rounding off a holiday meal, such as triple chocolate cookies or cake, chocolate Bourbon pecan pie, apple cheddar crumble pie, mini puddings, pumpkin cream tarts, chocolate rum balls, winter citrus dessert, sugar cookies, tea cakes, white chocolate popcorn, fudge bites, ice cream in edible bowls or cones, eggnog pie or even a basic fruit salad with fresh cream.

If you’d like to ensure that everyone is able to thoroughly enjoy themselves at your holiday gathering, you may want to consider leaving the food preparation up to us here at Parts and Labour Catering. This will not only ensure that everyone has more than enough to eat; it will also mean that you won’t have to spend most of your holiday slaving away in a hot kitchen. Contact us today to discuss the options we have available.