Best Ideas for a Cocktail Party Menu

Throwing a cocktail party can be a lot of fun, particularly when you have the right menu. If you’re planning a cocktail party, allow Parts & Labour Catering to provide you with some menu choices that will only add to your festive occasion.

When to Throw a Cocktail Party

  • When should you throw a cocktail party? There are actually several occasions in which a cocktail party might be perfect, such as when:
  • Throwing a housewarming party for new homeowners
  • Welcoming new neighbors to your neighborhood
  • Networking for business purposes
  • Fundraising or holding membership drives for a non-profit organization
  • Showing appreciation for the guests of your hotel, spa, or resort

Key Elements

Regardless of your reason for throwing a cocktail party, it’s important your event is not so formal that guests feel stifled. You need to create a lighthearted atmosphere that is not too casual, which is where your menu comes in. Our perfectly-garnished hors d’oeuvres will spark light conversation, while also providing a somewhat elegant touch. In the event you need something a bit more filling, we also offer a variety of finger sandwiches, appetizers, and desserts, all of which will perfectly complement your selection of cocktails.

Not only is your menu important, but so is your choice of glassware, napkins, and tableware. When you partner with us, you can take comfort in knowing that each one of these details will be carefully attended to in order to ensure your event goes off exactly as planned. Allow us to create the perfect atmosphere so that you can have time to enjoy mingling with your guests.

Planning a cocktail party requires a caterer with the right skills and experience, which is why those in the Greater Toronto Area turn to Parts & Labour Catering. We are highly experienced at hosting cocktail receptions, and would welcome the opportunity to help you plan yours.