Casual Cocktail Party Menu

Hosting a simple cocktail party is a great way to gather friends together and provide some time to visit and get away from the bustle of the holidays. The nice thing about a cocktail is that the menu doesn’t have to be complicated at all. Here are some tips about what to serve and how to ensure everyone has something to enjoy.

Start with the Beverages

While the party is casual, it does make sense to set up a bar and arrange for someone to tend it. That someone can be a professional who is hired for the occasion, or a trusted friend who is willing and knowledgeable enough to take on the role. There must be plenty of mixers and spirits on hand, along with various types of sparkling water and juices. Some soft drinks can also be there and used in a number of different drinks. At the very least, have cola and ginger ale on hand.

Remember that not everyone who attends a cocktail party will want an alcoholic beverage. If the bartender knows how to make virgin drinks, that helps. Those who would like something along the lines of coffee or tea should also be accommodated.

Choosing Foods for the Party

Simplicity is the name of the game with a cocktail party. The best approach is to come up with a colorful arrangement that provides something for just about anyone. Finger foods like cucumber sandwiches are a good choice, since they require no utensils to enjoy. Cut and sliced vegetables with dip on the side is another option to include. For some type of meat, it’s hard to beat buffalo wings as something people can grab and eat with their fingers.

Salty selections are also part of the menu. Go with mixed nuts and possibly something like cheese straws for quick munching. While a cheese ball may look nice, it does take some work to slice. Think about going with cheese cubes and toothpicks arranged on a platter instead.

Remember to consider the dietary needs of the guests. Some may require vegan choices or need to have something to nibble on that won’t raise cholesterol or blood sugar levels. With some variety on the table, it’s possible to ensure that everyone has something to enjoy.