Casual Cocktail Party

Who says that a cocktail party has to be a formal affair? There are plenty of occasions when gathering people together for cocktails and light refreshments can be a simple and casual event. Here are some tips that will ensure all the details are settled and everyone can relax and have a good time.

Creating the Guest List

The right combination of guests will ensure that everyone has at least one person they can socialize with during the cocktail party. Pause for a moment and think about who shares common interests, hobbies, and careers. By making sure there is enough common ground for most of the guests to connect with others, the atmosphere at the cocktail party is likely to remain jovial and friendly.

Remember to send out the invitations well before the actual party date. That makes it easier for people to confirm that they will be attending. As a result, the host will be able to ensure there is enough to eat and drink on hand.

Choosing the Libations and Other Beverages

Setting up a bar and allowing the guests to help themselves works well with this casual approach. Make sure the bar is large enough for several people to prepare drinks at any one time. Keep plenty of mixers, liquor, wine, and beer on hand. Don’t forget to include sodas, flavored waters, and other options for guests who are there for the socializing and prefer to stick with non-alcoholic drinks.

Serve the Food Buffet Style

As with the bar, going with a buffet for the food is in keeping with a casual approach. Paper napkins and plates will work fine, especially if the host chooses colors that are in keeping with the theme for the party. All foods must be simple fare that can be consumed using toothpicks or the fingers. Avoid serving anything that requires the use of cutlery.

The idea behind a casual cocktail party is to put everything in place, then step back and let the guests take things from there. Once the party is in full swing, the host’s duties are to make sure every guest is comfortable and that the buffet and the bar remain well stocked. Other than that, the host should mix a drink, prepare a small plate, and join the fun.