Cocktail Party Accessories

One thing that many people often overlook when planning a cocktail party is accessories. Here at Parts & Labour Catering, we know that even the smallest detail matters, which is why we strive to provide you with plenty of choices.

Drink Accessories

Cocktails are somehow a little more fun and flirty whenever they contain little umbrellas, olives on a skewer, or other adornments. Unfortunately, these added touches are sometimes overlooked whenever people plan their own cocktail parties. You won’t have to worry about that when you partner with us-just let us know what type of drinks you are serving and we will take care of everything else.

Serving Plates and Utensils

Many of our cocktail party clients choose finger foods that do not require any plates or silverware. Others desire more hearty appetizers, and are therefore concerned with the type of service their guests receive. Regardless of which one you prefer, we can easily accommodate your needs. We’ll consider your theme, decorations, and even preferred colour choices to come up with serving plates and utensils that are perfect for your occasion.

Table Linens

We know that the right table linens can greatly influence the mood of your cocktail party. Whether you prefer elegant linen tablecloths or cotton ones that are bright-colored and festive, we have got you covered. If you already have a centerpiece in mind, be sure to mention that to our event planner during your consultation so we can help you choose table linens that complement it nicely.

The success of your cocktail party may come down to small details, which is why your accessories are so important. Rather that stressing over little things, allow us to handle them for you, ensuring that everything is in order and that your guests enjoy the best time possible.