Cocktail Party Drinks Menu

Hosting a cocktail party would not be complete with quality drinks served during the party. There are lots of fast prepared drinks which any host could make thereby impressing his or her guests. However, if you have no idea on cocktail party drinks to serve your guests, below are few ideas for you.

#1 – Martini

Only a few drinks define classic cool just like a chilled martini. Some Connoisseurs insist on having theirs served before the ice melts and dilutes the drink. Whether stirred or shaken, Martini lovers have just a preference to choose, and for a perfect cocktail party, this should be lovely. With a little dry vermouth and gin, in less than 6 minutes a martini can be prepared.

#2 – Whiskey Sour

Impress your guests by making this classic cocktail the right way. With fresh squeezed lemon and lime juice instead of a bottled sour mix. Dress this cocktail up with a fruit skewer. You should try a maraschino cherry with a slice of orange in this citrus juice and bourbon combination.

#3 – Manhattan

The secret of this concoction's success is the way the vermouth and bitters smooth out the bourbon for a surprisingly balanced drink. Bitters, a key ingredient in many cocktails, has a pungent bittersweet flavor. It's combined with bourbon and sweet vermouth in this classic cocktail.

#4 – Gibson

Having a cocktail party with exclusive drinks or cocktails could be a delight with this cocktail. The tiny cocktail onions in this drink may be a taste acquired, but over the years they've garnered a legion of fans. This standard gin and vermouth cocktail is typically served with cocktail onions.

The ideas above would give your guests an impression that you actually have taste for perfection when it comes to cocktail parties. Contact us today at Parts and Labour Catering to take care of your cocktail party drinks. Allow us give your guests that impression that would stay in their hearts for a very long time.