Cocktail Party Ideas for Adults

Adult cocktail parties provide an ideal opportunity for everyone to mingle and get to know each other. Regardless of whether the party is going to be casual or more of a formal affair, a sufficient amount of food is needed to ensure that no one goes hungry. Here are a few options that have proven to be highly popular at these social events.

Awaken the Taste Buds

When a cocktail party guest list comprises of only adults, food options can be broadened somewhat to include more tangy or spicy items. This enables you to branch out and add foods like chicken and guacamole finger sandwiches, pancetta and chili oysters, chili and lamb mini sausage rolls or pies, Chinese lamb with a tangy ginger sauce or even deep fried crispy seafood portions served with wasabi and soy dipping sauce. Other options can include salmon served with a cucumber and horseradish sauce, Indian spiced avocado dip with savory crackers or chips and mini roasted capsicum tarts.

Keeping Everyone Satisfied

Although most adults enjoy spicy and tangy foods, some may not be able to eat these because of dietary restrictions. In cases like these, be sure to provide a range of milder dishes such as sausage rolls, mini chicken and mayonnaise sandwiches, oysters with champagne sauce or balsamic vinegar, pork and apple sausage rolls, potted prawns, roast beef canapes, savory mince rolls and smoked salmon and cream cheese rolls. Smoked salmon and lettuce bites, savory crackers and mild dips such as un-spiced avocado or mildly flavored cream cheese are also extremely popular options.

Providing Enough Food

There is nothing worse than a cocktail party where not enough food has been provided, and the amount of food needed will depend largely on the time of day that the party is being held. Most adult cocktail parties are usually held later afternoon or during the evenings, which means that many people will expect there to be a decent amount of food. A late afternoon function can usually consist of fewer food options than one that is being held in the evening, as many of the guests will treat the occasion as a dinner opportunity.

If you would like to plan an adult cocktail party but aren’t sure where to start or what foods to provide, feel free to contact us today. We will not only ensure that everyone has enough to eat; we will provide food and snack options that will be enjoyed by everyone.