Cocktail Party Planner

When planning any type of gathering, it pays to ensure that no important detail is overlooked. The best method for keeping things on track is to create a basic cocktail party planner. Here are some examples of line items to include in the outline that will ensure the party is a success.

Compiling a Guest List

The ideal mix of people is crucial to any social gathering. While it may be necessary to invite some people out of expediency, focus mainly on invitations to people who are likely to enjoy the party. Remember to have the list finalized at least three weeks in advance and get those invitations in the mail promptly. That provides more time for guests to confirm and put the party on their calendars.

Plan the Menu

While food isn’t the focus of a cocktail party, something to nibble on while socializing is a must. Always consider any special dietary needs that some of the guests may have and include something that they can enjoy. There are plenty of simple ways to include finger foods that are low in carbohydrates, cholesterol, or will meet the approval of someone who is on a vegan diet.

Shop for breads, spreads, and other essentials a day or two before the party. That allows time for any last-minute substitutions while still ensuring everything is fresh.

Preparing the Bar

The bar should be well stocked several days in advance. Along with a nice selection of liquors and mixers, have beer, soda, and bottled water on hand. A wider variety ensures that every guest will have something to enjoy.

Remember to cut chunks of pineapple and other fruits the day of the party. Keep them in the refrigerator until just before the guests are due to arrive. Arrange them in a container and keep in within easy reach of the drinks and mixers.

Remember that the point of hosting a cocktail party is to spend time with others. Keep the arrangements simple but organized. By addressing each aspect in a logical sequence, the planning will not be overwhelming and the host will enjoy the cocktail party as much as the guests.