Cocktail Party Theme Ideas

A cocktail party is a great simple get-together on various occasions such as birthday parties, graduation celebrations, bachelor parties, weddings and anniversaries. A well-stocked bar with some fun games according to the party theme is sure to kick the mood into high gear for the entire night.

Wildfire themes are highly embraced for ensuring a fabulous cocktail party. Some favorite cocktail party themes include:

1) A Day at the Races

This is a popular party theme when the famous Kentucky Derby nears, spiking up the celebration like one winning the horse race.

The setup is easy with an outside picnic compound decorated with red & white checkered tablecloths where each table has a prized thoroughbred name. The dress code is definitely Kentucky Derby style where women are to put on their best fun hats. The radio or TV could be turned on to a horse race to generate the right atmosphere where faux betting sheets are passed out and losers wash the dishes.

Party music includes the likes of country tunes by Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban while cocktail party food includes nibbles and finger food like BBQ chicken fingers and tea sandwiches. Mojitos and mint juleps are great specialty drinks at the Derby party.

2) Green Party

The Eco-friendly theme for a cocktail party is a great choice with environmental friendly groups where guests could be active in cleaning up the environment while having a party. The setup is simple. A studio can be turned into a green patch with food served on biodegradable plates with soy candles lit for the soft ambience instead of harsh flood lamp and neon lights.

Guests can participate with recycled items exchanged at the party while green agenda music is being played. Cocktail foods have an assortment of organic fruits and crispy colorful salads from the local farmer’s market with Eco-friendly beer from wind-powered breweries that are notably environmentally sustainable.

3) Pink Slip Soiree

Such party themes retro the 1920s where great networking could be activated with the exchange of business cards during the party. The setup is in the 20s where women guests are to don cocktail dresses and men guests in black suits and ties.

The bathtub filled with ice could be converted into a bar with a variety of delightful booze and liquor. Jazz music could ring softly into the air through an old-school record player or gramophone.

Chinese take-outs would top this party theme exquisitely with colorful candy and warm salted nuts for some quick bites with fruity pink cocktails like Pink Slip Slammers.