Cold Party Appetizers Finger Food

Appetizers are a favorite at any party as they have the power to have a party start off in the right foot. That is why the right appetizers could make a great difference to the party atmosphere and how quickly guests will loosen up. A simple bag of chip could also be an appetizer at a social gathering to break the ice among strangers, but an impressive hors d’oeuvre will get the party environment right where the host wants it to be.

Cold Appetizers

Cold appetizers are a strong favorite at a party as they are easy to make. These could be made earlier and frozen until the right time to serve. This gives the host or hostess plenty of time to prepare other stuff for a great party. Cold appetizers are easy to prepare with simple ingredients that are readily accessible.

Mini meatballs could be prepared a week ahead and stored in the freezer before thawing them in the fridge a day prior to the party. These could be simmered in a slow cooker an hour before guests are due and toothpicks are set out for a great cocktail party. Slow cooked and low flame, will promise more flavor.

One-Bite Appetizers

Simple snacks are preferred at most parties. Finger foods allow guests to be casual and comfortable using one hand or a couple of fingers while having a free hand to hold a glass of drink and have a conversation without worrying about getting messy.

Cold appetizers are usually one-bite appetizers which allow guests to enjoy the snack in one bite without a possibility of dripping gravy or dirtying their party dress. They could continue with their social interactions without looking greedy or preoccupied with food.

Many types of cold one-bite finger foods could be served at any party to make it great. Many could be prepared personally by the host/hostess or catered through reliable party caterers with a good reputation on fine delightful party foods.

Variety of Options

Party host/hostess could select cold roast beef which is served with blue cheese and grapes for their appetizer. The salty cold roast beef slices skewed with creamy blue cheese tastes simply delightful with green grapes to keep the party going.

Lemon pepper Parmesan crackers are common with homemade cheese crackers using preferred cheeses and herbs. The recipe mixes Parmesan and thyme or Rosemary and asiago. Many different varieties could be conjured based on the availability of ingredients and chef creativity.

Shrimp with wasabi mayonnaise would be a great choice of cold party appetizers with simple ingredients easily accessible for a quick prep.