DIY Catering For an Appetizer/Dessert Reception

While the wedding cake is coming from a bakery, the happy couple has decided to take care of the rest of the reception fare with the aid of friends. This kind of do it yourself catering is ideal when the plan is to go with a simple reception that focuses on a selection of appetizers and some desserts. The key is to make simplicity the order of the day, embellished with a little ingenuity. Here are some ideas that will make the catering easier to manage.

The Supermarket is Your Friend

Coming up with appetizers that are affordable and varied is not as difficult as many people think. One way to simplify the process is to purchase packaged foods from the supermarket that can become appetizers with a little enhancement.

Consider the idea of purchasing large packages of frozen meatballs along with the ingredients needed to make a red sauce and a white sauce. Put the crock pots to work by warming those pre-cooked meatballs along with a different sauce in each one. When the time to arrange the appetizers on the table arrives, transfer the meatballs into separate chafing dishes. Place napkins, toothpicks, and plates nearby so the guests can help themselves.

Vegetable and fruit platters are another way to add variety to the table. Purchase the platters at the supermarket and transfer all the cut vegetables and fruits to more attractive serving dishes. These offer excellent alternatives to guests who don’t eat meat.

For something unexpected, purchase those pre-cut strips of carrots and celery sticks. Fill roughly a quarter of a clear plastic glass with ranch dressing, then arrange the carrots and celery in the glass. The effect will be a little like a decoration for the table, only edible. Prepare enough glasses so that each guest can have one.

Think Bite Sized for the Desserts

Go with desserts that can be placed on a napkin and eaten using the fingers. Cookies work well, but there’s also the possibility of making angel food cake cubes and having a fondue pot filled with bubbling chocolate on hand. Toothpicks work fine for spearing a cube and immersing it in the chocolate.

Remember that much of the food can be prepared the day before, warmed up if necessary, and friends can arrange the food table while the couple is getting ready for the ceremony. When the reception is over, the cleanup will be a snap and everyone will go away with no hunger pangs.