Easy Party Appetizer Finger Food Recipes

Are you hosting a few guests to celebrate a special occasion? If so, you will want to spend as much time as possible socializing with everyone instead of being stuck in the kitchen preparing snacks. Below are a few great ideas for appetizer finger foods.

#1 - Carrot Sticks and Ranch Dressing

Taking less than 10 minutes to prepare, these make an excellent appetizer option. Using 1 bag of peeled baby carrots and a bottle of ranch dressing that is placed into a bowl will yield enough of an appetizer to easily feed 6 to 8 people. Cucumber sticks can be used in place of carrots if required.

#2 - Home Made Chicken Fingers

Using 2 lbs. of chicken tenders rolled in crushed corn flake cereal will enable as many as 6 servings. A delicious dipping sauce can be made to accompany them by combining red peppers, basil, plain yoghurt and a few different herbs. While hot, the chicken fingers can be drizzled with a little parmesan cheese to add some extra flavor.

#3 - Cucumber Finger Sandwiches

This is an extremely quick and easy finger food to serve guests and 8 slices of bread, real butter and cucumber slices are all that is needed to prepare 12 finger sandwiches. Mix ¼ cup of mayonnaise, a little mustard, chopped chives, some salt and a little pepper and spread it on after buttering the bread to give these sandwiches some extra flavor.

#4 - Snacks on Sticks

These are always a great option for appetizer finger foods and almost any combination of foods can be used on them such as small pineapple chunks, cocktail onions, cheese cubes, and cold meats such as ham, pastrami, salami or even small hot dog pieces. Small pieces of pickles or even cubed pieces of egg white can be placed on sticks as well.