Easy Recipes For New Years Eve Dinner

New Year is one of the most celebrated events with grand dinners whether it be a home-cooked table spread or catered, or poshy type restaurants. There is a distinct delight and satisfaction when special recipes are well made to ring in the New Year’s Eve.

Some delicious recipes that are easy to prepare that it perparing them can become a family affair.

1) Cranberry-topped raised pie

This is a specially prepared raised pie comprising pork, chicken and bacon with fruit topping. The beautiful festive top makes it fitting for New Year’s Eve as well as Christmas.

The pastry is easy to make from the normal dough mix where 1/3 of it would be used for the pie lid. The filling is packed tightly inside the pastry lining the cake tin to expel air pockets for a nice flat top which cranberries would crown on.

The lid is created with the excess pastry pressed around the edges and trimmed off. Punch a hole in the center to release the steam during cooking at 180C for ½ hour before reducing the heat to bake for another hour and 45 minutes.

As the pie cools on the table, the top could be prepared with the gelatine softened and dissolved in cold water before using it as pie stock. The Sherry and sugar could be dissolved over low heat before adding the cranberries without them bursting. Once the pie stock is set to a jelly form, the cranberries could be added to the top.

Chill the pie before serving for greater presentation and flavor.

2) Boozy brownie trifle

The Boozy brownie trifle is another delightful choice as part of an elegant New Year’s Eve dinner menu where the tempting chocolate reflects the sumptuous traditional trifle with an easy recipe.

3) Turkish-style sharing bread

Breads and pizzas are common staples in many cultures to consider the Turkish-style sharing bread as a potential New Year Eve’s dinner menu option. This deep-pan pizza is a classic Turkish lahmacun or pizza that is topped with spicy minced lamb and bite-sized red onion wedges.

4) Coronation turkey cups

Something simple like the Coronation turkey cups would boost the appetite in conjunction with New Year. Hence, the dinner menu on its eve that includes this simple-to-make canapé in 20 minutes is a strong favorite.

Various leftovers could be creatively put together for a unique flavor in every cup piece would leave guests figuring out the recipe even after the party is over.