Engagement Cocktail Party Ideas

The idea of holding an engagement cocktail party may seem a little unusual to some. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to ensure everyone has a great time and still keep within a limited budget. Here are some ideas that will make a simple cocktail party one of the most memorable of the pre-wedding events.

Inside or Outside?

Cocktail parties don’t have to be inside, especially if the weather is nice. Even if the plan is to hold the party in a home, all it takes is an open patio and some imagination. Dress the space by bringing out some comfortable pieces and a few lighting accessories. A large area rug for the patio will also help to add a touch of whimsy and charm.

If any of the furniture brought outdoors for the event happens to include drawers, open them and arrange flowers and other accents in the spaces. Match with candles in strategic places and it won’t take long to set the ideal mood.

When the party needs to be inside for any reason, rearrange the room so there is plenty of space for walking an mingling. Subtle lighting created with a combination of lamps and candles will make the event more intimate and cozy.

Coming Up With the Drinks

Whatever venue is chosen for the party, there must be drinks. One way to go is to come up with a recipe for a big batch that is ready to serve in a punch bowl. A simple champagne punch will work fine, but don’t overlook the possibility of creating something with the use of several fruit juices and a mix of spirits. It’s possible to find a batch beverage that happens to blend in with the colors used for the party with relatively little effort.

Along with the big batch, keep a few other things on hand for guests who may prefer more traditional cocktails. The bartender should have a decent range of spirits and mixers so that no one is left unsatisfied. Remember to keep non-alcoholic options on hand for guests who do not imbibe.

What About the Food?

One of the advantages of holding a engagement cocktail party instead of an engagement dinner is that things are more casual. That includes the food. Opt for finger foods that can be served on trays or placed on a buffet table. Ideally, all the good should be easy to balance on a small plate and still allow guests to circulate with ease.

Sit down today and plan out a simple but elegant cocktail party that includes the wedding party and a few choice guests. Rest assured that a good time will be had by all.