Fall Cocktail Party Ideas

Now is the ideal time to have a cocktail party with an autumn theme. The nice thing is that it’s possible to use that theme for everything from the decorations to the food. Here are some ideas that will ensure that the cocktail party is a success.

The Decorations

Using the traditional colours of autumn for the decorations will add just the right touch to the event. The eclectic mix of oranges, yellows, and reds can be included in the choices for furniture throws, table covers, and even the napkins. Consider investing in a garland or two made using leaves sporting all of these wonderful hues. They can be tucked neatly on bookshelves or even used to add some spots of color to the green plants.

Remember that using candles with those fall colours will create a comfortable and intimate setting for the party. While tapers may require more attention than the host is willing to provide, there’s nothing wrong with creating a centerpiece using pillar candles in different heights. Place all the candles on a heat-safe platter and use acorns and other fall nuts around the candle bases. Matched with the right tablecloth, the setting for all the food will be perfect.

The Beverages

At a fall cocktail party, guests can enjoy a variety of hot and cold drinks. For those who are really into the seasonal spirit, some type of hot drink that’s dressed up with pumpkin spices is a great idea. In fact, it’s possible to make a wonderful hot beverage using coffee, pumpkin puree, and a range of spices. Top with whipped cream and serve in a clear mug.

An autumn punch is also a great option for the party. Mixing champagne with cranberry juice is one of the quickest ways to create something that fits right in with the décor. Using orange juice also works. For those who like things a little more bubbly, consider combining champagne or a pale ale with ginger ale.

The Food

Call upon all the elements of fall to come up with foods for the table. Now is the time to have cocktail wieners on hand. Make sure there are plenty of toothpicks available to spear each one. Bite-sized quiches made using pumpkin puree and dusted with spices is a wonderful way to have something sweet and filling on hand. Remember that cookies laden with autumn nuts like pecans and walnuts is also a wonderful addition to the table.

Mix these autumn foods in with more traditional cocktail party fare to create a table that truly looks inviting. Raw vegetables with a couple of dips, small sandwiches, and other foods that can be balanced easily with a cocktail will ensure everyone has a wonderful time.

Think about hosting a party now before the holiday season is truly underway. Doing so will usher in the season in style and provide the break everyone needs before things get hectic.