Food Ideas For an Elegant Cocktail Party Menu

Along with a well-stocked bar, a cocktail party is nothing without something for the guests to eat while they have a wonderful time socializing. The goal is to come up with options that look great on the platters and can be selected with the aid of toothpicks. Here are some ideas of what to include in the menu for that upcoming elegant cocktail party.

Swedish Meatballs

This wonderful selection from the middle 20th century is making a comeback. Prepare the platter with a bed of soft greens, and then nestle the meatballs in an even layer on top. Remember to spear each on with a toothpick. Guests will be able to quickly grab one in passing or place a few on a small plate.

Hummus and Bagel Slices

Another simple approach is to make hummus using chickpeas, olive oil, and garlic powder. Add pepper or lemon juice for an extra zing. Cut toasted bagels into small sections and place them in a ring around the mound of hummus. A sprig of mint or a similar herb will add color to the platter.

Cucumber Sandwiches

While this option does take a little longer to prepare, it’s worth the effort. Peel and finely chop several cucumbers and mix them with softened cream cheese. Buy small cocktail loaves of bread or make slices by cutting a standard piece of sliced bread into four equal pieces. Spread the mixture thickly on one slice and top with a second. For more visual appeal, use a mixture of white, whole wheat, and pumpernickel breads.

Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are ideal for everything from a Sunday afternoon picnic to an elegant cocktail party. Stick with the traditional cooked egg yolk, sweet pickles, and mayonnaise combination for the filler, or add some zing by going with dill relish and Dijon mustard instead.

Remember that the food served at a cocktail party does not have to take hours to prepare. These and other offerings can be created with relative ease and be ready to serve in no time. That leaves more time to spend with the guests and enjoy the event.