Fun Cocktail Party Ideas

The idea of hosting a cocktail party sounds fun, but it would be nice to serve something other than the traditional fare. In fact, it makes sense to include something food selections that are tasty, filling, but a little out of the box. Here are some ideas to consider.

Fruit Kabobs

Pick up a pack of wooden skewers along with some fresh melons and grapes. Cut the fruit into chunks that are more or less the same size. Alternate three or four different kinds of fruit chunks on the skewers. For example, consider using a combination of red grape, honeydew melon, pineapple, and watermelon. The kabobs will fit neatly on a platter and be easy to serve.

Pimento Cheese Mini-Sandwiches

Wine will be served at the cocktail party, so why not have some cheese? Shred some sharp cheddar and combine with chopped pimento. Use a small amount of mayonnaise as a binder, and add salt and pepper to taste. For fun buy two different kinds of bread and use different colors for the top and bottom pieces. Quarter the sandwiches and cut off the crusts. They’ll look great on a platter.

Go a Little Nuts

Something that’s a little salty and a little sweet would be nice. Consider making nut balls. Buy a couple of containers of mixed nuts and some type thick syrup. Bring the syrup and a teaspoon of vanilla flavoring to a boil, and then add all the nuts. Stir until everything is coated. Spoon the nuts onto parchment paper and allow the mixture to cool. They will be that little something that no one expects and ends up loving.

Dig Out the Fondue Pot

The fondue pot is far from being a relic of the past. It can make an appearance at the party and add some whimsy to the event. Melted chocolate mixed with a little cream cheese will create a tasty and easy tip. Have an assortment of toasted breads, apple and pear strips, and similar items that people can spear with toothpicks and dip into the pot.

Cocktail party food doesn’t have to be stuffy. Try these recipes and see what the guests think. Don’t be surprised if they want to ask for the recipes so they can use them at their next gatherings.