Having a “Green” Wedding Destination

Living a green lifestyle is important to you and your intended so it makes sense that you want to find a wedding destination that is environmentally responsible. The good news is that finding such a destination is easier today than ever. Here are some tips that make it possible to find the right setting for your wedding ceremony and reception, and ensure everything is to your liking.

How is the Destination Operated?

One of the key elements in finding the best place for your green event is to find out what different resorts and other settings do to reduce the carbon footprint. For example, does much of the facility rely on solar or wind energy rather than the main power grid? Does the layout ensure you can enjoy the maximum amount of natural light in the space where the ceremony will take place? How about an outdoor space where you can hold a ceremony, the reception, or both?

Ask questions about how the facility takes measures to ensure less water is wasted and even the kind of cleaning agents used to keep the place spotless. Knowing that natural agents are used is another sign that the venue owners take protecting the environment seriously.

Live Music Works

A destination that has plenty of room for a live band is certainly more environmentally friendly. When the band does not have to rely on a source of power to play the music, that’s even better. Consider going with a group or band that uses acoustical string instruments and has a repertoire that sounds just fine without the use of amplifiers or microphones.

Remember that a green destination will have a space with excellent acoustics. That means the band members won’t have to shout out the lyrics in order to be heard.

Coming Up With the Menu

The best event catering for a green wedding reception includes foods that are locally grown. The fact they are in season and close at hand mean lower carbon emissions used in the transport of those foods. If possible, work with a caterer who can take locally grown organic foods and come up with some great offerings. Even if some things must be brought in from far away, using local resources as much as possible will reduce the carbon footprint of the event.

No Disposable Items Allowed

It’s possible to arrange for wedding catering in Mississauga that does not include the use of disposable flatware, plates, and table decorations. Work with the caterer to select items that can be reused or at least recycled with relative ease. Caterers as well as resorts often have utensils and other essentials that can be washed as well as linens that can be laundered using organic cleaning agents and a minimum of water. You may find that staying away from disposable things provides inspiration for wedding catering ideas that never came to mind before.

As you ponder what you want in the way of a ceremony and reception, consider opting for a destination that is truly green. You’ll find that the average price of wedding catering at such a location is much more affordable than you expected.