How Catering Works

Not many people are aware of the amount of time, effort and planning that goes into any type of event where food is going to be served - regardless of how formal or casual it is. However, any caterer or catering company that is worthwhile will do everything possible to ensure that the event is thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

Important Questions to Answer

Before a caterer is able to start planning your event, he or she will need to ask a few questions which will help determine what type of event will be best for everyone concerned. The caterer will need to know whether the event in question is a social or professional affair and how many guests are expected to be attending. It is essential that you be upfront with the caterer when it comes to your proposed venue ideas as well as the budget that has been allocated. This will help ensure that the right venue and meal options are chosen right from the start.

Personal Preferences

After determining your budget, the caterer will set about helping you to choose the right venue for your event. Again, a few questions will need to be asked regarding the likes and dislikes of whoever the event is being planned for. For example, if it is going to be a wedding anniversary party, the caterer will ask about the couple’s food preferences, whether they enjoy casual or more formal events and if they prefer to host smaller or larger events. The answers to these questions will help the caterer determine what type of event to plan and which venue options to recommend.

Prepare well Ahead of Time

One of the biggest mistakes made with catering is that clients think that their event ‘won’t take long to plan and set up.’ However, all events take a formidable amount of time to plan if they are to take place without any mishaps. The amount of time a caterer needs to plan an event will depend on its size and the menu that is chosen - if exotic ingredients or larger than average food quantities are required, additional time will be required to source these.

Catering is about far more than just, “What will we serve our guests?” If you are planning a casual or formal event and you require the assistance of professional caterers, feel free to contact us and schedule an appointment today.