How Much is Catering?

When planning an event and deciding to have the food catered, it’s only natural to inquire about the cost. Before providing an answer to the question, the caterer will need to consider several aspects of the event and base the quote on the answers the client provides. Here are a few examples of aspects that will impact the overall cost of the catering job.

How Many are Attending?

One of the first things the caterer needs to know is how many mouths require feeding. That number makes it possible to identify quantities for each entree, side dish, salad, soup, and dessert. Among all the questions that need answers before providing a price, this one forms the basis for everything that is to follow.

Location Matters

It’s one thing to cater an event that takes place across the street. Catering something that is occurring two hours away is another matter completely. The caterer has to consider what it will take to transport the food, equipment, and any other items needed. Expenses associated with making sure everything arrives and is set up in a timely manner will impact the final quote.

Special Dietary Needs

Will some of the guests need food choices that are gluten-free, low in carbohydrates, or free of cholesterol. Are there dietary restrictions based on religious convictions that need to be taken into account? Coming up with a menu that allows for specific dietary needs takes time and effort. Preparing those foods along with the ones that most of the guests will enjoy also requires a bit of doing. Expect for this to also impact the overall cost of the catering.

What’s the Plan for Serving?

Is the event planned as a formal dinner that requires servants, or will everything bet set up buffet style? Perhaps the plan is to go with a food line that includes servers who dish up portions to each guest. Each of these scenarios will require planning for personnel, time to set up equipment, and in general make sure everything is arranged to perfection.

Before approaching a catering service, think about these questions and have the answers prepared. While there will be others that come to mind during the conversation, these are enough to provide a foundation for the planning. Working together, the caterer and the client can settle on a plan that is ideal and comes with a reasonable quote.