How Much to Tip Catering Delivery Driver

Tipping is a commonly practiced in many cultures for services provided, as a way of showing appreciation. However, many consumers are unsure of how much to tip in many occasions especially in catering services unlike the customary 15-20% in dining.

There may be certain guidelines and recommendations on tipping the catering services and the delivery driver but at the end of the day, the prerogative remains entirely on the client.

1) Delivery Fee Consideration

A delivery could be free or charged. It is common to tip the driver when free deliveries are made while a charged delivery may include the tip. Different catering services may impose different delivery and tipping fees which consumers must be alert to before they make their orders.

Free deliveries can be accommodated with a minimum 10% tip to the driver for the effort rendered on the service especially if prompt and professional. Restaurant deliveries could have a slightly higher tipping rate of 12% if the nominal delivery fee is not included.

2) Distance Travelled

Delivery charges of over $20 with a near distance could have 5% tips while longer distances could invoke higher tipping rates. This is dependent on the giver who gauges the speed of delivery despite the distance.

3) Independent Services

Independent delivery contractors could be hired for various deliveries; these may be offered 15% tips for their services as personal vehicles are used. High vehicle maintenance could prove a chore to these independent workers as they are not compensated on an hourly basis.

4) Extra Mile

If the delivery driver does the extra mile with the delivery, it is encouraged to provide a 15% tip. This could be in the form of sending up the delivery personally or providing friendly customer services with the delivery by answering all concerns a customer might have concerning the delivery or company.

5) Standard Charges

Consumers should note if the delivery service company has a standard tipping policy that is charged automatically with every delivery. If this tipping policy is exercised, there is no obligation to provide extra tipping unless the service is exceptional and the giver wants to give an extra thank you to the delivery driver.


Tipping beyond the stipulated rate or amount by the delivery company lies in the hands of the consumers who should not feel obligated to tip if poor services are rendered. However, most delivery services have trained and professional drivers who are mindful of their responsibilities.