How to Dress to a Cocktail Party

A cocktail party can be an important event for guests where various opportunities are presented to their benefit. For that reason it is important to take note on the type of attire befitting to the cocktail event.

Certain tips should be kept in mind to dress aptly for the party.

1) Note Invitation Information

Dressing for a cocktail party is not difficult when the guests take note of the information provided in the invitation. Although the common “cocktail attire” may be stamped on the invitation, more relevant information could be provided from the event context for the right details that would help guests pick the right attire for the occasion.

This includes considering the purpose of the event purpose with the stipulated time and venue. Such information often reflects the true agenda and weight of the event to help cocktail-goers choose the right attire.

Wedding cocktail parties offer different attires compared to a corporate event cocktail party where business executives gather. The venue is another important indication of the type of attire required or preferred. A high class hotel calls for a more sophisticated or dressier outfit compared to a restaurant or poolside cocktail party.

The cocktail party hours also give relevant information about the type of attires to don appropriately. Evening cocktails suggest a more formal affair than day cocktails.

2) Mindful of Host

The right type of attire for the cocktail party depends on the host or hostess as known by the invitee. This helps the invitee dress appropriate in honor and respect of the host or hostess. Traditional host/hostess would lead guests to a more conservative dress-up while extravagant characters would enjoy avant-garde.

The host would appreciate guests who are mindful of their stance and thinking with proper fashion that does not disgrace, embarrass or overshadow them. This would open up more invitations in the future as party hosts like to be surrounded with invitees who are able to flow with their crowd and bring prestige to their happening events.

3) When in doubt, simplify

One of the simplest of rules in dressing up for a cocktail party is to dress appropriately for the occasion without being overdressed. Casual is not an option with most cocktail parties. However, a minimalist slip black dress could prove to be an elegant option without being overly fancy or casual. Ladies could also put on some jewelry and fashionable accessories if extra glamor is required.