How to Plan a Brunch Menu

The nice thing about planning a brunch is that it’s possible to draw on elements that are normally associated with breakfast and lunch. While relying on some basics for the menu, there are other aspects of the planning to keep in mind. Here are some suggestions that will help.

Come Up With a Theme

The best brunches always have some type of theme. If the brunch is taking place during a holiday season, the menu and the table settings can draw on elements commonly associated with those holidays. If the brunch is intended to allow friends who have not seen one another in awhile to get together, go with a theme that has some meaning for everyone. For example, if the group went on a Hawaiian vacation together several years ago, all things Hawaii can serve as the theme.

Allowing for Dietary Needs

A conscientious host always considers the dietary needs of the guests and incorporates them into the menu. For an eclectic group, have something that is low in carbohydrates, something that’s cholesterol free, and something that is gluten free. That will cover most of the bases and ensure there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Buffet or Sit Down Affair?

A casual brunch is easy to manage. Arrange the food buffet style and allow everyone to help themselves. Family style around the dining room table also works. For more formal occasions, arrange for someone to serve everyone as the are seated at the table.

Plenty of Beverage Choices

Offer all of the traditional beverage options associated with breakfast and lunch, plus a few more. That means having coffee, tea, juice, milk, and carbonated beverages on hand. Wine that goes with the rest of the menu is also a good idea. Consider the idea of creating a punch that combines wine with fruit and some type of juice. That will be the something extra in the way of beverages.

Remember that brunch is supposed to be a time for people to gather, enjoy one another’s company, and have something good to eat. Start planning a couple of weeks in advance, and having everything in place by the morning of the event will not be a problem.