How to Plan a Dinner Party Menu

Although hosting a dinner party is supposed to be enjoyable, a lot of preparation will be required beforehand to ensure this. Below are some handy tips that will help ensure that everyone has a good time - including the host (you).

#1 – Prepare Beforehand

Preparing as much of the meal and venue beforehand as possible will help prevent you from feeling tired, stressed and irritable. As result, it’s a good idea to choose as many dishes as possible that can be pre-cooked and simply kept warm until everyone arrives - you certainly don’t want to be worrying about trying to get those roast potatoes crispy while everyone else is sipping on their drinks.

#2 – Inquire about Food Allergies

Before setting your heart on preparing any specific dishes, ensure that everyone will be able to enjoy them, especially if items like nuts, shellfish and eggs need to be used in them. In cases where one or two guests may have specific dietary requirements, consider preparing a separate dish for them that doesn’t contain any potential allergens.

#3 – Keep it Simple

While having ultra-fancy place settings and ‘just the right table layout and centerpiece’ can seem like a good idea, you may be stressing yourself out unnecessarily over these details. Instead, ensure that the food is good, the atmosphere is relaxing and that everyone has been introduced to each other early in the evening - most guests won’t remember or even appreciate the fact that you spent hours folding those origami swans out of linen napkins.

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