Luxury Dinner Party Menu Ideas

A high-end dinner party calls for high-end food, but that doesn’t mean you need to spend hours slaving away at a stove and exhausting yourself before entertaining guests. There are a variety of different luxury dinner party options available to you, and some of them provide rich, delicious food that can be prepared during only a few minutes of spare time. Here are some quick ideas that will help you turn your luxury dinner party into something truly amazing.

Prosciutto-Wrapped Veggies

This is a simple but very excellent finger food that can serve as an appetizer or a side for your lunch menu. Choose some mesclun or arugula greens and combine it with other chopped vegetables as desired. Place the veggies in a bowl and mix with three tablespoons of olive oil, two tablespoons or red wine vinegar, and salt and pepper to taste. You can also add some lemon juice or Dijon mustard as desired. After mixing the greens, lay out cuts of prosciutto and place the greens on top. Wrap the prosciutto into a tight log, cut to size, and serve immediately.

Prawns and Coconut Milk

Prawns and other shellfish are a great way to emphasize the luxury of a meal. Mix de-veined and rinsed prawns with one teaspoon of turmeric and half a lime of juice, then let it marinate for 10-15 minutes. In a separate pan, heat two tablespoons of olive oil, a clove of crushed garlic, a teaspoon of ginger room, and a thinly sliced shallot. When the shallot is transparent, add the prawns and a cup of coconut milk. Cook until the stock reaches a boil and then for another three to four minutes. Remove from heat, let it cool, and serve.

Scallops and Chickpea Salad

Start this recipe by placing a griddle on high heat and brushing 20 scallops with olive oil. Season the scallops with a mixture of cumin, salt, and pepper, then add them to the heat. To couple with these scallops, mix two tins of chickpeas with a whisked together mixture of lemon juice, four tablespoons of olive oil, 12 teaspoon of cayenne pepper, and salt and pepper to taste. Top the chickpea salad with the scallops and add your dressing of choice.

Once you have finished the recipes, a lot of luxury food is about presentation. Make sure that the food looks as good as it tastes, and your dinner party will be a big hit.