Outdoor Wedding Ideas

While you are not sure yet if the wedding and reception will be casual or formal, one thing is decided: the event will be held outside. Whether you choose to go with something simple or elegant, there are some elements you can include and ensure you and your guests are comfortable. Talk with the planner and caterer about these approaches and the day will come together easier than you expected.

Walking on the Grass

Will the guests and the wedding party be walking on grass rather than brick or some other type of pavement? If so, it pays to let everyone know in advance. Instead of wearing heels, all the ladies can opt for flats that will allow them to get around with ease.

Since the area is mainly grass and little in the way of pavement, why not consider going with a country and western theme for the event? Encourage the guests to wear jeans, overalls, denim skirts, and flannel shirts. Bandanas coupled with cowboy hats and boots will work fine as well.

Mason jars are fine for the beverages, and checkered table cloths will be fine for the food tables. The centerpieces as well as the bridal bouquet can be made using wildflowers.

By the Lake

Does the idea of a waterfront wedding and reception sound like fun? Find space near a lake with plenty of parking, room to set up tables, and a stand of trees nearby to accommodate the seating and outdoor altar for the ceremony. Let simple elegance rule the day by having the groom and his party wear traditional wedding shirts and slacks. The bridal party can go with cotton dresses trimmed with lace. In lieu of a veil, the bride can consider wearing a few flowers in the hair.

As for the wedding catering in Kingston, think about traditional picnic fare. A caterer can plan a delicious meal that fits right in with the setting and ensure everything that needs to be kept chilled is properly arranged on a bed of ice. If you like, invite the guests to bring along swimsuits and enjoy the lake as well as the food.

An Evening Garden Wedding

If you have chosen a garden for your ceremony, opting for an evening wedding is a great idea. A planner can arrange gentle lighting that provides all the illumination needed for guests to get around with ease. Arrange the chairs so they face a focal area defined with the use of candles arranged at different heights. The candles along with the lights will create a magical setting for the exchange of vows.

For the Kingston wedding catering, set up a covered area for the reception. A tent large enough to arrange tables for guest seating, a place for the food, a reception line, and the band will work fine. If you like, have one or two sides of the tent open so guests can spill out into the night if they prefer.

Outdoor weddings are a wonderful choice, especially for autumn and spring events. Talk with your planner and caterer today. It won’t take long to come up with the right setting and elements to make your big day special.