Perfect Cocktail Party Food Ideas

Have you volunteered to host a cocktail party but have no idea what you will serve to your guests? If so, take a look at a few of our ideas below, all of which are sure to be a big hit.

#1 – Roasted Shrimp Cocktail

Need a quick and easy starter for your cocktail evening? A pack of 12 to 15 shrimps will provide enough of a starter for 5 to 6 adults and preparation time is around 35 minutes at most and a delicious dipping sauce can be made for them with a combination of ketchup, chili sauce, lemon juice, horseradish and Tabasco sauce (this can be omitted if children are being served).

#2 – Small Puff Pastries

These are normally one of the first foods to be devoured at cocktail parties, regardless of the fillings used in them. Popular options can include cheese and ham, mini steak cubes and gravy or even a mix of cooked vegetables for those who don’t eat meat.

#3 – Bruschetta

Using slices of garlic-laced toast and topping them with fresh basil (or other herb of your choice) and diced cherry tomatoes will provide a yummy addition to any cocktail menu. The amount of slices that can be prepared will depend on the size of the baguette or crispy loaf being used.

#4 – Mini Hot Wings

Approximately 24 full-sized chicken wings split into parts will be needed to prepare between 6 and 8 servings of mini hot wings. The pieces can be fried in a hot sauce and a blue cheese dip or sweet chili sauce dip can be used with them.

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