Planning your Wedding in Barrie

No matter what type of wedding and reception you have in mind, there will be preparations to make. Since your wedding day is fast approaching, now is the time to make some decisions. Here are some of the key areas of your wedding planning in Barrie that need to be settled before you move on to some of the secondary matters.

Settling on a Location or Two

Where would you like to hold the ceremony and the reception? There is more than one way to approach the plans for the day. One solution is to hold the ceremony at one venue and then choose a second location for the reception. This works well when you are thinking of inviting family and close friends only to the ceremony and having more people celebrate with you at the reception.

For example, you could go with a backyard wedding with no more than a couple dozen guests. Once the ceremony is over, everyone moves on to a hall or other venue that can accommodate the larger guest list of 200 you’ve invited to the reception. As you look at venues for the reception, make sure the kitchen facilities will make it easy for the wedding caterer in Barrie to take care of the last minute preparations and keep a steady supply of food ready for the buffet tables or to be served to the guests at your sit-down reception.

Deciding Who Will Officiate

Weddings require officiants. If you and your fiance happen to follow the same faith, a clergy person of that faith is the obvious choice. For those who are of different faiths, it may be possible to have co-officiants who work together to come up with an order for the service that is in line with what you both want. Couples who do not follow any particular faith can also find authorized individuals who can work with them to come up with an order for the ceremony that includes whatever elements they prefer.

As with the location for the wedding and reception, this is something that needs to be settled early on. Doing so provides more time for counseling with the officiant and deciding what elements will be part of the ceremony and what each of you would prefer to omit.

Making Plans for the Reception and Catering

It’s not enough to choose a location for the reception. You also should consider what sort of preparation is necessary to make the space into a setting you will and your guests will enjoy. That means sitting down with a representative of the venue and the caterer of your choice.

The representative can help you determine how to plan the layout for the space. Remember that you will need room set aside for the deejay or the live band that will provide the music. An area for a receiving line may be part of your plans. There also needs to be enough floor space for people to dance and mingle without feeling crowded. Even if you are serving the food buffet style, your guests will still need tables and chairs where they can settle in with their plates and enjoy the festivities.

Remember your wedding catering in Barrie can be simple fare designed to please your guests. The caterer can come up with selections that take into account any personal preferences or allow for any special diets some of your guests must follow. Caterers are adept at coming up with foods that allow everyone to indulge and still avoid anything that triggers an allergic reaction or is not in line with their personal sensibilities.

Once you have these three areas settled, it will be easier to move on to other aspects of your wedding planning. Keep in mind that every detail you settle sooner will mean less work and stress later on.