Popular Wedding Day Desserts

While there’s no doubt that the bride’s cake (and to a lesser degree the groom’s cake) is the centerpiece of the wedding reception, that doesn’t mean other desserts are not allowed. In fact, it helps to have several other offerings for those who may not be in the mood for wedding cake. Here are some examples of wedding day desserts that are ideal additions to the food tables.

Fruit and Yogurt Parfaits

Those who would love something sweet but need to avoid whole grains or the high sugar content of the wedding cake will find that parfaits made with fresh fruit and yogurt are wonderful. Choose fruits that require no additional sweetening and opt for plain yogurt. The parfaits can be available using a mixture of fruits, or the host can set up a parfait bar and allow guests to come up with their own concoctions.

Milk and Cookies

Who didn’t enjoy milk and cookies as a child? This type of dessert will be a hit with the adults as well as the children. All it takes is a fountain that provides a steady flow of milk coupled with trays laden with all sorts of cookies. Include at least six varieties as one way to add different colors and textures to the setting.


How about a selection of glazed, frosted, and cake donuts on the table? People who may feel that cake is off limits, but they can allow themselves the luxury of having one doughnut slathered with chocolate icing and filled with Bavarian cream. Like the cookies, make sure the doughnuts are varied in size, color, and shape. That will add visual interest to the presentation.

Custard Tarts

The nice thing about custard tarts is the lack of a sugary coating to get all over the clothing or the dance floor. They can easily be held while mingling with the other guests and the tarts require no flatware to enjoy. There’s enough sweetness to satisfy those who believe that the cake may be a little much for their tastes.

While the cakes are important, remember to offer other sweets for the guests. With a little imagination, there’s bound to be something on hand for every guest to enjoy.