Proven Cocktails to Serve at an Event

Hosting a party is exciting. Making sure the right foods and beverages served is essential for ensuring everyone at the party has a pleasurable time. Some of the best proven cocktails to add to the menu to serve as drinks are:

Lemon Drop

The lemon drop cocktail consist of vodka, lemon liqueur, lemon juice, lemon wedges and sugar. To make it combine 2 ounces each of vodka and lemon liqueur together. Next mix in 2 to 3 teaspoons of sugar and toss a few lemon wedges into it. This is the perfect cocktail for people who love a beverage that is refreshing, yet sour and sweet.

Slippery Nipple

For guest who love a cocktail that taste like a dessert go ahead and make up the slippery nipple. It consists of equal amounts of Irish cream and butterscotch schnapps. It’s one of the easiest cocktails to make in a flash, but it serves best in a root beer float mug with a straw.

Sex on the Beach

Fruity and comforting is the cocktail Sex on the Beach. It consists of vodka, fruity schnapps, citrus juice and grenadine syrup. To make this beverage combine equal amounts of vodka and a fruity flavored schnapps together. Then stir in 2 tablespoons of any citrus juice and a couple tablespoons of grenadine syrup. Combine all ingredients together well in a cocktail glass and serve it up.

Salty Dog

In need of a tart and salty cocktail to serve at the party? If so, the salty dog is the one. First take a cocktail glass and wet the rim. Next, dip the rim of the glass in a plate of salt. After pour an ounce of grapefruit juice and an ounce of gin into the glass and combine together well. Serve the beverage up with a slice of fresh grapefruit or olives.

Bahama Mama

A tropical cocktail that is a sure crowd pleaser is the Bahama Mama. It consists of a ½ ounce of freshly squeezed lemon juice, two ounces each of orange and pineapple juice, two ounces of coconut rum, ½ ounce of cherry liqueur and ½ ounce of grenadine syrup. Once all these ingredients are in the cocktail shaker, give them a good shake together and pour the beverage into a cocktail glass with a few slices of fresh pineapples and cherries.

White Russian

Coffee lovers will love this next cocktail. It is the White Russian. It consists of equal amounts of vodka, coffee liqueur and cream. This drink is best served up with ice in a glass mug with a side of cookies or biscuits too dip into it for the perfect treat.

Yellow Bird

An earthy cocktail for parties themed around Mother Nature is the Yellow Bird. It is made with an ounce of dark rum, ½ ounce of herbal liqueur, and 4 ounces of citrus juice. Mix these ingredients into a glass with crushed ice and serve it up with a twig of mint or rosemary and a couple of cherries.