Self-Catered Vs Catering Company?

A special event is coming up in a few months and it would be great to serve food that everyone will enjoy. While some people love the idea of preparing everything themselves, others see catering as a task that is beyond their abilities. Here are some of the pros and cons associated with both approaches, and why one may work better than the other in certain situations.

How Many People are Attending?

The number of mouths to feed is one of the first points to consider. If the guest list includes no more than a couple dozen people, self-catering could work out just fine. This is especially true if the host who will be handling the food choices knows how to prepare in advance and put things together without a lot of hassle.

When the guest list is closer to three digits, it would take a lot of time and effort to prepare. Does the host really have the time and resources on hand to manage something of this magnitude? If not, the best approach is to contact a local caterer and leave the planning in the hands of a professional.

Will the Catered Event Be Casual of Formal?

Casual events usually mean uncomplicated food options. There’s a good chance those foods can be purchased in bulk and used to create an excellent buffet. Most of the foods will be simple but filling fare and the presentation will take a back seat to the quantity of food served.

A more formal event will call for choosing foods carefully, and paying a lot of attention to the presentation. There’s also the need to hire wait staff to manage the serving. With a more formal event, talk with a caterer, plan a menu, and rest assured that all the details will be addressed.

How Much is in the Budget?

Not everyone is in a position to spend an unlimited amount of money on an upcoming event. Look at the budget closely and determine how much can be spent on each guest. That will go a long way toward deciding what to serve and whether there hiring a professional caterer is the way to go.

Keep in mind a smaller budget does not automatically rule out hiring a caterer. Owing to their connections and the ability to purchase in bulk, a caterer may be able to accomplish wonders with the food that a host could never manage.

Before making a decision, contact a caterer and go over the essentials for the upcoming event. Get a price per person and see how if it fits into the budget. If so, accept the quote and look forward to relaxing and enjoying the party while the caterer works his or her magic.