Southern BBQ Catering: What Would You Pay Per Person?

If the idea of holding a traditional Southern barbecue party sounds like a good idea, it makes sense to talk with a caterer. After settling on the number of guests, the caterer will ask a few more questions in order to make sure the price per person is easier to calculate. Here are some examples of what will impact how much the host pays to feed each guest.

How Many Kinds of BBQ Will Be Served?

There is more than one type of barbecue to consider. Does the host plan on serving one type of meat only, and only using one kind of sauce? If so, that simplifies things greatly. When the plan is to offer a selection of chicken, pork, and beef roast as the meats and a range of sauces that run the gamut from tomato-based options to the white sauces that are popular in certain quarters of the South, things get a little more involved. This is because some of the meats will be more expensive per pound than others.

What About the Side Dishes?

What sides will be offered along with the BBQ? The conscientious host will certainly include potato chips on the list, along with potato salad, baked beans, and Cole slaw. While less common, it’s not unheard of for a salad made from grated carrots, apple chunks cured in salt water or lemon juice, raisins, and pineapple chunks to be part of the fun.

Toppings for the BBQ

Guests who want to make sandwiches will require some type of bread. Buns are a popular option, but using Texas Toast works equally well. Remember to include a selection of pickle slices and relishes along with mustard and ketchup. The latter are perfect for guests who like something other than the sauces provided.

Don’t Forget Desserts

The price per person is not complete until decisions about desserts are made. A truly Southern BBQ requires the presence of at least enough banana pudding to go around for everyone. Pound cakes also work well with this type of casual dining experience. Keep in mind that in terms of quantity, there should be enough dessert for everyone to have a serving, plus enough left over for those who are known to enjoy seconds.

Work with a caterer to plan the menu, paying close attention to the current prices of meats. It won’t take long to come up with the total cost for the meal and break it down to a per person price. Once the details are worked out and the quote is accepted, the host can focus on the other elements of the party that need attention.