Tea Party Food Ideas

Although tea parties are a great way for friends and family to spend some quality time together, no tea party would be complete without a great spread of food for everyone to choose from. In most cases though, the food options should vary according to the type of tea party that is being hosted and the guests that will be in attendance.

Victorian Tea Parties

This theme can be used for a range of events, including bridal showers, baby shower events or even just a girl’s night in. Popular food and snack options for a Victorian-themed tea party can include miniature versions of muffins, croissants, scones with fresh cream, chocolate eclairs and cupcakes. Cucumber sandwiches are a traditional tea party snack as well. When preparing the cupcakes, these should be topped with delicate icing and edible flowers and butterflies. A wide range of teas should be made available for guests to sample and enjoy as well.

Tea Parties for Kids

In cases where a tea party is being planned for kids, it is recommended that the foods served be as visually appealing as possible, while being easy to eat as well. Pigs in blankets, strawberries dipped in yogurt, cherry tomatoes cut in half, mini sandwiches (minus the crusts, of course) and the daintiest possible cupcakes will all be extremely popular. The topping on the cupcakes should be decorated with as many pastel colors as possible, while drink options can include alcohol-free fizzy fruit punch made by mixing fizzy water and fruit juice and a few flavors of iced tea.

Regular Tea Parties

Not all tea parties need to have a set theme. In cases where no theme is chosen, guests should be able to look forward to a host of small snacks and mini dessert options such as mini lemon cheesecakes, scones topped with jam and/or cream and petit fours. Other foods that can be included are cucumber, watercress and cream cheese sandwiches, tomato and fresh basil sandwiches, cucumber, cream cheese and mint sandwiches and smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwiches.

No tea party would be complete without a variety of teas for guests to drink – during the warmer spring and summer months, iced tea is sure to be a hit. When sending out invitations to guests, it is recommended that they be provided with the option of informing you of any food-related allergies they may have, as this will enable everyone’s tastes and preferences to be accommodated.