Tips for hosting a Cocktail Party

Cocktail parties should not be a troublesome event for anyone. This ought to be one of the easiest events to be held for any of your friends and family or even officemates. But if you have no idea on how to go about that perfect cocktail party, the tips below could serve as a brief guideline.

#1 Be aware of good catering services

A good cocktail party thrower should know where to get the best catering services if he or she has a lot more than 20 guests. It is truly a challenge to serve few food selections to a much bigger crowd, so you could look for a ‘finger food’ catering service which also offers barbecue or spit roast if you would like it to be fancier. An outdoor spit roast party is one option if you have a smaller venue and cannot fit all the guests indoors, and it is a cool idea especially if it is a very casual party.

#2 – Menu (Food and Drinks)

Some individuals who throw cocktail parties go light on the menu. It is only necessary to choose finger food and dishes that are delicious but not too filling. If the cocktail party involves a lot of dancing, mingling, games, and karaoke, it is ideal to serve desserts and cupped dishes; this is so because most of your guests would randomly move around from time to time. You could serve some quality wine, soda, and light cocktail drinks too.

#3 – High Tables and Couches

High tables are quite ideal for cocktail parties since your guests would not be sitting for a long time. But ensure to provide some tables and chairs for guests who would want to sit down and have something to eat, or even rest from the activities during the party. In some parties, there could be couches for karaoke spots, probably a small lounge spot for guests who would want to sing, listen, or relax during the party. These make the party quite cozy too and relaxing for some other guests as they could just sit and chill out at the same time.

#4 – Music

As mentioned relating to the activities, you could throw in some cool music with a good karaoke machine. If your party is for a friend of yours, ensure that you have the best of singers around and they are ready for the karaoke. This could be the focal point of the activities of your cocktail party if a few musicians are standing by. But for a crowd larger than the former, like your entire family and friends, ensure that there is time for karaoke for kids also. This ensures that your party is being enjoyed by everybody of all ages.

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