Tips for Hosting a Dinner Party

Hosting a dinner party scares some people to death, but it doesn’t have to be that way. By employing a few easy tips, it’s possible to ensure everything is in order and that the guests will enjoy themselves. Here are some of the essentials that must be part of the planning.

Casual or Formal?

What type of dinner party would be in keeping with the occasion and the setting? When the plan is to hold the party by the pool, a more casual approach makes sense. Think about arranging for a buffet and allow the guests to serve themselves.

Some occasions call for a formal sit-down dinner. That will mean dressing the dining room, choosing the right table settings, and making sure the lighting is just right for the evening.

The Guest List

Even if the dinner party will be a casual affair, deciding who to invite means considering the relationships between those guests. Inviting someone who is not on good terms with several of the other guests is a recipe for disaster. Try to come up with a guest list that includes people who are likely to enjoy spending time around one another.

The Invitations

Even with casual dinner parties, send out invitations at least three weeks in advance. While using email to send out invitations is considered acceptable in many circles, the thrill of receiving something by post should not be underestimated. Be sure to request that guests confirm they are attending, since that makes it easier to know how much food and drink is needed.

The Food

Menu planning does require incorporating a variety of dietary needs. Guests with some form of diabetes will need low carbohydrate selections. Someone who is trying to lose weight will want some low calorie options on the table. A guest who does not consume animal products in any form will need access to foods that are not seasoned or prepared in the same pots as the other selections.

Remember that the key to planning any type of dinner party is to have everything in place at least a few days before the event. That allows a little time to make any last-minute adjustments and still prepared and in control.