Top Ten Profiles on Pinterest with the Best Cocktail Party Ideas

Planning a cocktail party for a special occasion means coming up with some ideas that are a little out of the ordinary. People who have never attempted to plan this type of party may be unsure of how to proceed. Fortunately, Pinterest is home to a number of profiles that offer links to all sorts of cocktail party ideas. Here are ten profiles that are worth checking.


Foodies is a profile that provides access to all sorts of recipes suitable for a cocktail party. Most of the recipes are easy to prepare, such as the Buffalo Chicken Celery Sticks. While food is not the major focus of a cocktail party, having finger foods on hand is a must.

Snappening Events

Among the many party ideas found on this profile, suggestions for cocktail party decorations, games, and specialty drinks are abundant. This resource is especially helpful when the cocktail party is being held to celebrate a specific event, like a birthday.

Finger Food

Looking for something different to serve? This profile offers ideas for food serving planks, pull apart breads, and mini fruit pizzas. Coming up with the right combination of salty and sweet will not be hard thanks to these recipes.

Mydomaine Cocktails and Beverages

Does the idea of cocktails that can be created by combining two ingredients sound intriguing? These and other recipes for cocktails abound on this profile. Hosts who are unsure of their bartending prowess can put the suggestions here to good use.

Alicia Grumbach

For a wider range of drink ideas, it’s hard to beat this profile. From traditional cocktails to innovative suggestions, there’s something that will please just about any taste.

M’Eye Wilderness

Whether the theme is connected with a holiday or has to do with some other event, there’s plenty of drink recipes here. Try the Pumpkin Spice Halloween Punch or go with the Caramel White Russians. There’s even a pin for a Zombie Slime Shooter if the guests tend to be more on the daring side.

Cider Gallery

Decorating is part of the fun of a cocktail party. This profile has pins sporting ideas for dressing tall tables, centerpieces, and other ideas.

Roxanne Monmaney

The party board associated with this profile has some great ideas for rearranging the furniture so guests have room to mingle, dance, and in general enjoy themselves.

For My Bartender

Rochelle Douglas’ For My Bartender Board offers ideas for holiday drinks plus a pin to champagne cheat sheet with recipes for all sorts of drinks

Ivory Isle Designs

Not sure how to come up with the right invitation design? There are plenty of suggestions here that make settling on the ideal look simple.

Pinterest is an excellent resource for everything from creating a mood for the party to coming up with food and beverage ideas. Take a look today and let the planning begin.