Top 5 Creative Cocktail Party Invitations

Having a cocktail party is fun with interesting invitation cards to lure all of your guests to save the date. The first impression is important in promoting a high attendance to a cocktail party with so many thrown over the course of a year, it be can draining for any individual to make the effort of yet another mundane cocktail party. One of the most popular ways in developing a strong attendance to the cocktail party is its impressive invitation which could be online or traditional card form.

Top Choices

A special cocktail party invitation works to confirm invitees’ attendance to facilitate the planning and preparations for a successful event even through professional party planners.

1) Football Theme Party

The football craze during football season raises the number of cocktail parties to celebrate or root the favorite team on even if die-hard fans are not on the field or in the playing stadium. A home cocktail party would have many strong football supporters coming together eagerly to cheer their favorite team on at any place when live games are on.

A simple football with the favorite team design is sufficient to bring all fans together for a simple cocktail party celebration in anticipation of a win.

2) Pool Theme Party

Cocktail parties are great for a dip in the pool or sea depending on where the nearest cool waters are. Pool party invitations are common especially during the summer where refreshing splashes with a cool cocktail in hand is always an enticing thought.

3) Bowling Theme Party

Bowling is a popular game where different individuals could interact without reserve. This type of cocktail party invitation is usually preferred where light drinks and refreshments with a game of bowling build up the camaraderie among guests. A cute bowling ball and pins tipping like cocktails on the invitation card would look very inviting and irresistible.

4) Carnival Theme Party

Carnivals represent fun happenings in fiestas which every individual seeking a good time would not hesitate to join. Big Mexican hats that are colorful and bright in designs with fanciful fonts would attract many invitees for a great time at such a cocktail party.

5) Graduation Theme Party

Graduations are highly celebrated to reflect the years of hard work in studies where the graduate is now ready to face the working world. A Graduation cocktail party is very common to celebrate the upcoming success of the graduate in transition from studies to work.

Graduation hats, balloons and cocktails on the invitation speak it all for a festive celebration at the cocktail party.