Top Party Food Ideas of all Times

Gathering with friends, family or colleagues for a party usually means that there will be plenty of good food to be had by everyone. In most cases, your choice of party food will depend largely on the type of event that is being hosted, and below are a few great party food ideas for various occasions.

Casual Gatherings

If your party is going to be more of a casual gathering, bite-sized foods or foods that can be eaten without too much fuss are a great option. A few popular options here can include crudités or veggie sticks with dip, mini pies, meat and/or veggie-based kebabs, meatballs, various savory tartlets, cocktail pizza slices, mini wieners on sticks or even a combination of wiener, pickle, cheese, cocktail onions and pineapple pieces on sticks. Other options are barbecued meats, hot dogs, chicken wings, crab sticks, devilled eggs and pretzels.

Sit Down Meals

In cases where your party is going to be a more formal affair, you may want your dishes to reflect this to an extent. However, there have been cases where appetizers-only parties have been hosted with great success as well. Foods such as pigs in a blanket, calamari and/or cold shrimp with dipping sauce, dumplings with various fillings, roast chicken and grilled veggies, steak tartare, roasted mushrooms and virtually any other meat dish. Roasted potatoes are always a hit – regardless of the occasion.


No party meal would be considered complete without some form of dessert being served. In most cases though, guests will not need large dessert servings, so options such as cheesecake slices, elegant-looking cookies or chocolates, small pieces of pineapple or lemon meringue tart, mini tarts or even different types of fruit salad with cream and/or ice cream, depending on what guests prefer. In cases where appetizers and a main meal are going to leave guests feeling overfull, a bowl of candies will usually be more than sufficient.

When planning refreshments for guests, it is important to take into consideration that not everyone will enjoy an alcoholic beverage with their meals. It is recommended that an array of sparkling fruit juices, sodas or even flavored water options be made available as well. If you are planning a party or special event and require assistance with catering or meal planning, contact us today to see how we will be able to assist you.