Top Tips on How To Choose Your Wedding Venue in Toronto

You have less than a year to plan your wedding and reception. Now is the time to make the key decisions and concern yourself with the other details later on. For now, one of the most important things you must decide is where the ceremony and the reception will take place. Here are a few tips that will help you settle the matter of venue in the GTA and prepare to take on those other decisions.

Same Venue for the Ceremony and the Reception

One approach that will simplify matters is to reserve space for the ceremony and the reception at the same venue. This eliminates the need for anyone to travel to two different locations on the same day. If this sounds like the perfect solution, consider a venue like Graydon Hall. You could think about having the ceremony on the terrace or in the garden and pair it with a sit-down reception for 250 in the main dining hall. You’ll find that the wedding catering in Graydon Manor Hall allows for a blend of the traditional and contemporary, something that you and your beloved will appreciate.

The Number of Guests for the Wedding and Reception

Are you thinking in terms of an intimate wedding ceremony and inviting more people to the reception? You may find that holding a home wedding and combining it with The Great Hall. Consider reserving the Main Hall for a reception that will accommodate up to 480 guests. Whether you want a formal sit-down reception or plan on something more casual, the Hall can be arranged to fit the occasion.

The Wedding and Reception Theme

What sort of theme do you have in mind for the wedding and reception? If you are thinking in terms of something contemporary and elegant, consider checking the Gardiner Museum. You’ll find there are some lovely areas for a ceremony and for the wedding catering at Gardiner Museum and you won’t even have to think much about wedding decorations.

When you are thinking of something more traditional and elaborate, it would be difficult to find a better solution that to hold the ceremony and the wedding catering in Eglinton Grand. With stately spaces that allow you to have the wedding day you’ve always wanted, you and your guests will enjoy the memories for years to come.

Getting Back to Nature

Are you thinking that a wedding and reception near the waters or among the trees would be nice? If so, think about visiting some of the venues for ceremonies and wedding catering in Muskoka. There are several options that would allow you to enjoy a spectacular view near the cliffs, along the sandy beaches, and some of the beautifully landscaped gardens associated with the local inns and other venues.

Your wedding day should be something that you and your beloved remember fondly for the rest of your lives. With so many details to settle, it makes sense to reserve the location for your ceremony and reception as quickly as possible. Once that’s done, arranging the catering and taking care of the other details will fall into place easier than you anticipate.