Ways to Serve Food and Beverages at a Dinner Party

Dinner parties always require quality décor so they feel inviting with a pleasant atmosphere. How the foods and beverages are presented and served at the parties is important too. After all, the worst thing to have is left over that simply don’t fit into the refrigerator. Here are some helpful tips on how to best serve up foods and beverages in a presentable easy to access way at dinner parties.

Toothpick Platters

Toothpick platters sound funny, but they make dinner party appetizers easier to grab and eat. Pick foods that are easy to cut up into bite size pieces and stick toothpicks into. Some options are cheeses, chunks of meat such as oven roasted chicken or ham, brownie bites, chunked up fruits and vegetables, mini sausages, bread pieces drizzled in olive oil, stuffed olives and foods of that nature. Once the food is decided, prepare it, and display it on platters in an elegant way. This method keeps guest going back for more food and makes easier clean up after the party.

Buffet Style

Everyone loves a good buffet style dinner because they can grab and eat as much as they want whenever they want without having to wait for someone to serve them. Go ahead and make up some tasty dishes and toss them into buffet warmers. Set the buffet warmers out onto nicely decorated tables with serving spoons, dishware and utensils and tell the guest when they get to the party to help themselves to whatever they way.

With beverages you can fill up coolers or a large kiddie pool or fancy trough with ice and store several different kinds of beverages into it for people to grab when the thirst begins to hit. Make sure to set straws and cups on the side for people to drink out of if they desire. Some people dislike drinking out of the containers the beverages come in.

Wait Staff

For fancy dinner parties with countless people coming to eat around tables, it is best to hire a wait staff for the night to serve food and beverages to the guest. To ensure too much food is not gotten, but just enough, make sure to ask a week before the party how many people are definitely coming. This will ensure everyone gets a good meal with a decent number of beverages and treats while relaxing and enjoying all they are being served.

Pot Luck

Pot luck dinner parties are the best and easiest because friends and family members bring their own drinks and dishes to share with everyone going. The dishes and beverages are set out onto tables with plenty of paper plates, napkins, cups and utensils so everyone can help themselves and eat whatever they want. Best of all, once everyone leaves they take the dish they came with so the messes left behind are minimal.

End Thoughts

With these presentable ways to serve food and beverages, food should fly off the platters and into the guest bellies with ease.