Wedding Day Breakfast

There’s always lots to do the morning of a wedding. Even so, people do have to eat. The last thing anyone wants to deal with on a wedding day is blood sugar lows that lead to crankiness and jittery nerves. Here are some ideas for wedding day breakfasts that are quick, easy, and will provide the energy needed to keep going all day.

Breakfast Casserole

For those who like to start the day with something that is somewhat traditional, prepare a breakfast casserole. To make the process easier, prepare most of the ingredients the night before. That includes browning and draining crumbled sausage, chopping vegetables, and grating the cheese.

When morning rolls around, place all the fillers into a pan, holding back just enough cheese to go on top. Beat enough eggs to completely cover all the other ingredients and place the dish in an oven set to moderate heat. Allow about a half-hour or long enough for the eggs to set firmly. Take the casserole out long enough to cover with the rest of the cheese, then stick it under a broiler long enough to melt and brown the cheese slightly. Serve with cut fruit and hot scones.

A Cereal Buffet

Another way to go is to set up a cereal buffet. In this scenario, have attractive containers filled with at least six different types of cereal. Make sure they range from simple options to those that come with all sorts of colors and flavors. Remember to have bananas and other fruits on hand for those who like to add a little something extra. Along with milk, have coffee, tea, and juices on hand.

A Bagel Bar

What’s easier than purchasing several different types of bagels and having them paired with various kinds of spreads? Arrange the bagels on a couple of platters and have a toaster to go with each of the platters. Arrange plain and flavored cream cheeses and butters so the bagels can be slathered with whatever the members of the wedding party like. Always have coffee and other beverages on hand to wash down those piping hot bagels.

The fact that there isn’t time for a full breakfast does not mean anyone has to go hungry. Try these simple and quick approaches, and everyone will have what they need to get them through until the reception.