Wedding Day Dessert Ideas

There’s no rule that says the only sweets allowed at a wedding reception are the bride’s and groom’s cakes. In fact, it’s a nice touch to have a table set aside with a range of other sweets. Here are some ideas of what can grace that table.

A Doughnut Tower

For the centerpiece of the dessert table, consider creating a doughnut tower. One approach is to use a wider platter and arrange the doughnuts in layers that are a little smaller than the one just below. Ideally, the tower will come to an end when there is a single doughnut balanced on the top.

A better approach is to use a tiered serving dish for the tower. Doing so makes it easier to create each layer using a different kind of doughnut. Guests will also have less difficulty extracting the doughnuts of their choice. Remember to keep a pair of tongs handy so everyone can select doughnuts without touching the remainder.

Milk and Cookies

Whether there will be children at the reception or not, milk and cookies will still be a hit. Choose an array of different cookies and combine them into an arrangement that catches the eye. Make sure to have milk in a small fountain, a punch bowl, or in a couple of graceful crystal pitchers nearby. This is an ideal solution for guests who would like a little something sweet to munch on, but would prefer to avoid the calories associated with a slice of wedding cake or a doughnut.

An Ice Cream Bar

Consider setting up an ice cream bar at one end of the dessert table. Have at least four or five different types of ice cream along with plenty of topping options. Complete the arrangement with small serving dishes and spoons.

When selecting options for the dessert table, keep the preferences of the guests in mind. If there is a sweet that most of the guests are not likely to enjoy, remove it from the list. Including options that are fun and happen to be favorites among the guests will ensure there are not many leftovers to deal with.