Does Your Wedding Menu Reflect the Type of Foods You Eat at Home?

Planning the menu for a wedding dinner, reception, or cocktail party is no mean feat. It requires consideration of every type of food that will be served. While coming up with a menu plan, it pays to step back and consider how much of the choices reflect the foods normally consumed at home and how many are more festive and only served on special occasions. Here are some reasons that a few favourites should be included in the mix.

Having a Few Tried and True Offerings

There’s some value in having a few foods that are familiar to all the guests. While they may not be exciting, those serve as the anchor for all the other options. People will be less likely to hang back and speculate about what different dishes will taste like. As they begin to fill their plates with a few things that they already know well, it will be easy to add one or two items that are less familiar.

Stepping Outside Convention

Always include foods that are less likely to show up at the dinner table. After all, a wedding and reception is intended to be a celebration. That means pushing those boundaries a bit and bringing out food that may not be part of the fare except around holidays.

See this as a time to indulge in treats that are not part if the daily diet. Someone who rarely has the chance to consume seafood may find that the salmon mousse or the oysters on a half-shell make the event all the more memorable. When these more festive foods are combined with a few of the more common choices, there is bound to be something for just about everyone to enjoy.

While the food for the wedding events should be considered with care, don’t overthink the entire process. Identify foods that are likely to please and possibly expand the culinary horizons of a few. Remember to work within the budget so that the cost of the reception or the wedding dinner will not lead to financial ruin. If some of the guests must be mindful of diets due to health issues, make sure there is something they can consume without feeling guilty or causing an adverse reaction. In the end, everyone will be full, happy, and remember the event with fondness for years to come.