What are Some Standard Liquors That are Served at Weddings?

When it comes to a wedding reception, having alcoholic beverages on hand is one of the more important aspects to consider. What type of liquor to serve may vary somewhat based on the theme for the reception, the number of people present, and the personal preferences of the new couple. Even so, there are some basic choices that are likely to be present at most receptions.


Even the most casual of wedding receptions will include champagne at some point. If for no other reason, the champagne will be there so everyone can offer a toast to the newly married couple. Once the toast is completed, the guests are free to enjoy the remaining champagne.


Keeping red and white wines on hand makes a lot of sense. People often like wine when they eat, so this becomes something that’s practical as well as enjoyable. Make sure the choice of wines is in line with the type of meat entrees offered at the reception and all will be well.


Beer is not just for a casual style reception. It’s perfectly fine to have a few cases chilled and ready for those who prefer something that they consider to be more down to earth. The beer does not have to be served in bottles or cans. It can be poured into elegant serving glasses and fit right in with the glasses used for other beverages.

What About Hard Liquor and Mixers?

If the plan is to have an open bar and a bartender on hand, it makes sense to stock the bar with a nice selection of scotches, bourbons, gins, and vermouths. Essentially, the bartender should have everything on hand that it takes to mix the more popular drinks.

Remember that the mixers can often be a great way for guests who prefer to not imbibe to have a mixed drink that has no alcohol at all. A competent bartender will know how to make different drinks and substitute something else for the liquor. No one will know but the person ordering the drink and the one doing the mixing.

Remember that the range of beverage choices can be as varied or as limited as the couple desires. Don’t fret too much on what to include. Focus on choices that seem to be a good fit for the guests and everything will be fine.