What is a Good Price for Catering?

Catering prices vary based on a number of factors. When attempting to determine if the price offered by a specific caterer is a good one, the discerning client will need to examine the quote from more than one angle. Here are some tips that will make it easier to determine if the pricing is right for the occasion.

What Does the Competition Offer?

As with many types of business arrangements, it makes sense to compare quotes from different catering services and see how they match up. This goes beyond the price of the food prepared for the event. In order to determine if a quote is really the best, look for what else is specifically included. For example, is one quote a little higher but does include transportation costs and the expense of wait staff? If so, that price may actually be the better deal, simply because it covers more of the essentials for the event.

Experience Counts

Depending on the nature of the event, it pays to only hire a caterer who has a proven track record with similar events. There will be other occasions when the customer can try a new business, possibly for some type of casual catering. When there is no margin for error, paying a little more and hiring a caterer who knows what’s needed and how to make sure everything is perfect is the only way to go.

The Reputation of the Caterer

It’s been said that people get what they pay for, and that’s certainly true when it comes to hiring a caterer. No useful purpose is served if the client goes for the lowest quote if it happens to be from a caterer who has a reputation for arriving late, offering less than tasty food options, and in general does no more than a mediocre job. The customer would be much happier with a caterer who is respected in the local community, is known for providing quality service and support, and who happens to charge a little more.

Remember that a good price for catering is one that includes everything the customer wants at the most affordable price. Don’t skimp on important elements in an attempt to save money. Go with a caterer who will provide food and support that ultimately does the customer proud.